Administrative Assistant

Regional operations managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the activities of a company’s regional offices.


Job responsibilities
  • Coordinate, monitor, and manage various offices within a particular geographic region
  • Improve regional processes, policies, and practices so as to achieve company’s goals and ensure regional offices adhere to company-wide laid down rules and guidelines
  • Work hand-in-hand with top management in order to develop and implement new plans/ideas that will enhance the operations of the company at large
  • Assist in the recruitment of staff, establish work schedules for staff being put in place, and evaluate staff performance at the end of a given period
  • Help plan and support marketing and sales activities
  • Check on individual offices to make sure they are fully stocked and operational
  • Discipline local managers who go against company work ethics and also retrench workers who tend to embark on procedures that are detrimental to company activities
  • Oversee performance-based bonuses/salary increments that are given to workers that merit them
  • Give feedback on how the entire region functions to senior managers on a regular basis so as to ensure that company general activities flow on the same wave length
Required qualifications
  • Good decision making ability/skill. That is to say that the manager must possess the ability to make good decisions in little or no time; this is basically because he/she is the link between top management and the local individual managers.
  • Good analytical skills are required for tackling problems that may come up on a daily basis.
  • Good communication skills are also of great importance for this role, in a bid to pass messages/information across all frontiers to ensure quality delivery in the company.
  • Ability to work as part of a team is very important because a good ROM will work with a lot of people to be able to achieve required results; that is to say that he/she cannot basically do it alone.
  • Excellent leadership skill is required of every ROM. He/she has to be able to motivate employees at all times.
  • Time management skill is also very necessary for the ROM job in order to be able to beat deadlines and display efficiency.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or in any closely related field
  • 5-10 years industry relevant experience


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Required candidate level: Mid level
Job Type: Full Time
Deadline: 02.10.21

Additional information

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a CV to [email protected] email address with a note of  "Administrative Director" in the subject line.